Dream Big - Motion graphic

The project has the aim to make people think about child labour and child rights in general. Every child dreams but not everyone can, the reality for them is just too much to handle, it's overwhelming. Abused and exploited children with no dreams and no bright future. In this video we wanted to represent the emotions of a little girl, apparently normal with normal dreams... But the dreams won't last forever, the hard truth is there to take away her childhood.

Video made for the contest Cinevox “L’immagine del suono 2013″. The hypotetical client is the organization “Save the Children”; the theme is the children’s dreamer soul, that we take for granted, but that not all children can enjoy, because they collide too soon with the harsh reality.
The project includes animation, sound editing and the declination of the result as an application for mobile devices.

Concept: Eleonora Alberello Conti, Federica Cristiani, Chiara Di Terlizzi
Storyboard: Eleonora Alberello Conti, Luca Carnevale
Animation: Eleonora Alberello Conti
Illustration: Luca Carnevale
Sound: Federica Cristiani, Chiara Di Telizzi
App design: Chiara Di Terlizzi

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