ALBA - City branding
Workshop at Politecnico di Milano

In this workshop I had to create the brand for an Italian town: my drawed city has been Alba, in Piemonte. 
The first task was to create a new logo for the city. After an initial research and a visit to the town I created a moodboard in order to sum it up into a final logotype.
ALBA - Brandbook

This is the final Brand Book, where all the guidelines about the final logo are reassumed, with also variations of the logotype, prohibition, and colour coding.
ALBA - Posters

The second task consisted in the creation of a format for the public communication of the city, with the production of some posters as examples.
ALBA - Shirt

Then I had to create the official shirts for volounteers working for the city during public events and for the employees at the Tourist information center near the main square.
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