Arianne Martell
Art/Colours: L. Carnevale
Portrait of Arianne Martell, fictional character from "A song of Ice and Fire" by G.R.R. Martin. Inspired by a portrait of Natalie Portman.
Androgynous Djinn
Art/Colours: L. Carnevale

Illustration for the study of an hermaphrodite Djinn for an ongoing project.
Art/Colours: L. Carnevale

Fantasy portrait. First visualization's attempt for the creation of a fantasy character.
Story: A. Bilancio
Pencil/Ink art: A. Bilancio
Colours: L. Carnevale

Very simple colouring: base colour with two depth of both shadows and lights. Neutral colors in order to mantain a dramatic/post apocalyptic atmosphere in a grey lighted world.
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