EUTIROX - Levothyroxine
Eutirox is a very friendly, but also shy and lazy Pokémon. Eutirox can spend days in the form of a spherical mass of stones. 
When decides to act (or when threatened) Eutirox takes out of the shell three powerful legs and the colourful feelers. 
In this form Eutirox is a surprinsingly fast creature (and a really good dancer).

PLEGRIDY - Peginterferon beta 1-a
Plegridy is a nice, little and cute fairy-like bee that stings very rarely - it hurts, but in the end it's not so painful.
Many locals let the Plegridys sting them because the liquid released by the little flying creature has
incredible and mystical healing powers.

AVONEX - Interferon beta 1-a
The Avonex is a massive, sacred bird with a dignified bearing. 
It's said that every week an Avonex chooses a person to touch with his supernatural beak, 
in order to grant her immunity from every desease. 

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