"Giochi di potere" is a board game we designed at Politecnico Di Milano. 
Basically, it's a game about
politics, where the main characters are the most iconic children's toys. You will take the role of one of them, trying to be elected as King of the Toys against all the other "candidatoys".
You can choose between three ways to gain votes:
- by being a good toy who does good deeds and is highly popular among the toys of the child's bedroom;
- by being an evil toy, doing bad deeds to earn money in order to BUY electors; however, you will progressively become less and less popular;
- by being neither completely evil nor completely good, covering your bad deeds with good ones, earning less money but keeping your reputation apparently clean...

"Giochi di Potere" in English means "Toys with power" but it's also a pun beacause in Italian the expression also means "Power games" like politics machinations.
After playing this game, you will never look at your toys in the same way...

The box [30cm x 30cm x 5cm]
With the illustration of every main character in both evil and good version.

The Components
- electors tokens
- buttons (the currency of the toys' room)
- puzzle tiles (to make alliances between the players)
- players' tokens

The cards
- Action cards (you can buy them to do good or evil actions)
- Tip-off cards (to block other players' actions)
- Scoop! cards (to make people move along the Popularity Track up or down)
- Goals cards

The rule book

Player Sheet
With the story of the character, the summary of possible actions and a double illustration: the good side on the front and the evil side on the inside.

The puzzle board [60cm x 60cm]
The board has an illustration of the child's bedroom seen from above; on the carpet there is the Popularity Line, the counter of electors for every player, the spots for the different cards and the rounds counter.
- the "quick version" mini-board (it's another carpet with a slightly different and shorter Popularity Line to play a quicker version of the game)

A game example

A project by:
Eleonora Alberello
Luca Prandoni
Caterina Petroni
Alessio Sciascia
Irene Trautluft
Illustrations by Luca Carnevale

A project for the Game Design course at Politecnico di Milano, March - July 2014
Professor: Maresa Bertolo
TA: Ilaria Mariani
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